NOTE:If you cant see the UI text in the top of the screen try playing in Chrome (you need WebGL to see the text in white)

This game is my entry to LD38, my first Ludum Dare ever!

Game submited in Compo category.

Made with Construct 2.

In a post World War III world, radioactive inmune Cockroaches are the rulers of the world. The Cockroaches are attacking a small Ant Colonie, you are the ant's only hope. Antnator, the only mutated ant in the world, is on a quest to destroy the base of the attacking Cockroaches.

Left/Right Arrow = Move

Up Arrow = Jump (You can double jump)

Down Arrow = Jump Down Leaf platforms

Z = Shoot

X = Skip dialog messages

TIPS: Manage your bullets, and use your powerups wisely! Know when to kill and when to skip enemies, dont be to reckless.

Ludum Dare 38 Page:


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