This is game made for the CGAJAM. I used Palette 0 and for them i used "History Repeats" since the Waves of enemies are infinite and you will do a lot of the same most of the time!

I tried to merge the Idle game genre like Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes with the Tower Defense genre, and come up with this game. 

I think it best for you to play it casually like any idle game, since you will earn gold even if you close the game, so i encourage you to check the game out every now and then to see your progress.

Perfect to play while you test other CGAJAM games ;)


-.To start playing, press SPACE or the play button in the WAVE panel. You can PAUSE the spawning by clicking the PAUSE button or by pressing SPACE again.

-.You have to kill 10 Monsters from a WAVE to unlock the next WAVE.

-.Kill monster by clicking on them. Once you earn enough gold, select a TOWER in the TOWERS panel and then buy towers by clicking on any place of the WALLS in the game area.

-.In the TOWERS UPGRADES panel you can buy upgrades for your towers and UNLOCK NEW ONES.

-.LEVEL 0 TOWERS ARE LOCKED, to unlock them just increase their level to at least 1.

-.Monsters that reach the other side of the maze will hurt your total gold.


-.You can use the MOUSE WHEEL to go UP and DOWN waves.

-.You can sell TOWERS by RIGHT CLICKING on them, you earn 50% of what you originally spent on them.

-.See how far you can go... Perfect to play while you play other CGAJAM games ;)


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finish this game pussy

It's such a shame that you gave up on this game as soon as you posted it. There are so many ways in which it could be developed and so many players who would be happy if you did.

Also make more towers

Like as slow shooting area damage tower

There are no general upgrades

Make more monsters

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"clean save" does not come out the same as "wipe save", nor does it have a "you clicked on the button do you REALLY want to lose everything" menu
goodbye full map of lazorz, you will be missed

Oops, im sorry! Did not think about that when finishing the game for the JAM deadline =S

This game is good

Thank you so much!

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I'm a big fan of this game, but one suggestion, it gets kind of samey once you reach level 15 and every level after that is the same enemy, I'd suggest maybe repeating the order of enemies, so wave 16 would be the enemies from wave 1, 17 is wave 2 enemies, and so on

It'd also help distinguishing between waves you're trying to run early vs. waves you know you can handle when you're trying to get a little extra cash

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Thanks for the nice comments! Yup, a lot of people have suggested that, the game was made in a rush a long time ago for a game jam so i don't think i will upgrade it now, im sorry. But it seems the idea is liked by a lot of people so that gets me happy, i should put my ass to work in a new version i guess, too bad im too lazy right now =S

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After a lot of waves that begin to be annoying , spam the next wave button because the ennemies are bad for my towers. But that a good game

You should call this Idle Defense Heroin because it's about that addictive. Well done!

Wow, thank you very much i should get back to it some time haha

In that case, the enemies have been squid things since wave 13 (possibly earlier, my head's a bit bluh right now), and I really could use some way to back up my save data like you can do in cookie clicker and racing clicker.

After you buy a tower upgrade, your total DPS goes to zero until you build another tower, which means you get no offline money if you forget to fix it. Just a warning to others.

Liking the game otherwise, it's a really cool idea, though I realise it's no longer being worked on.

You are right, that bug was something i could not solve when making the game i remember! Thanks for the nice comments!

Not sure how you pulled this off, but this is the smoothest running browser tower defense game i have ever seen, no lag even with the whole map filled and firing, love that.  Good amount of upgrades and takes a while to get to each one, i really am enjoying playing this.  Great Job!

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Wow, thank you so much, i really needed this comment right now hehe. I mad the game with Construct 2 game engine, a pretty old version, if i made it with the new Construct 3 i guess it would run even better.

Well ive played A LOT of clicker games and tower defense games (pretty much all the ones on steam and most of the ones on this site) and i check back at least twice a week to see new games.  I am horrible at art and coding, but am happy to test or try out any new games :D, and i have a crappy computer so for this to work seamlessly in my browser made a really big impression on me cuz most indie games take forever to load or just crash before they are even playable.  So yeah keep up the good work man, and if you make another clicker or idle or some mix type of game, i would love to test it out!!

Thank you so much for the kind words man! Honestly the last few month i haven't been coding that much, kinda lost motivation so reading your comment helps hehe.

@sachodev - any chance you can make the source code public and let others contribute/maintain it?


Hi, thanks for showing interest in this game! I dont know how useful it would be to share the project, this is made using Construct game engine, i did not make it using a normal programming language like C++ or Java plus remember this was made for a game jam so the "code" is a total mess haha. Let me think about it, if people like the game so much maybe i should take the idea and make a real game for the app store or something hehe-

Please do so. We need it in our lives


Just hit lvl 1000. Can't stop.  Where is the end????  :)


Haha seriously? Thats amazing, so glad you enjoyed it =P

i dunno


plz add general  upgrades, faster rounds option (non-idle), and a prestige option. I like this game a lot so far and hope it can get better. 

Hi thank you so much for playing my game! Im sorry to say i will not work on this game in the foreseable future, this game was only an idea i had for the game jam as i say in the description of the game. I know that this game could be a lot better with the things you want to add to it but i dont have the drive to do it right now =S Thanks again for being intereseted in my game, it means a lot to me =)


Every hour of active play the game crashes. This game combines 2 of my favorite things but needs a little polish.

Hi, i know. It was made for a game jam and i dont plan to keep working on it. I really like the idea behind the game and im happy people find it interesting, thanks for playing and i am sorry about not developing it even further.


Are you planning on expanding on this? 'cause it's so cool so far!
A shame the jellyfish monster repeat endlessly. If at least the monsters cycled after that point...


Hi thank you so much for playing my game! Im sorry to say i will not work on this game in the foreseable future, this game was only an idea i had for the game jam as i say in the description of the game. I know that this game could be a lot better but i dont have the drive to do it right now =S Thanks again for being intereseted in my game, it means a lot to me =)