This is game made for the CGAJAM. I used Palette 0 and for them i used "History Repeats" since the Waves of enemies are infinite and you will do a lot of the same most of the time!

I tried to merge the Idle game genre like Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes with the Tower Defense genre, and come up with this game. 

I think it best for you to play it casually like any idle game, since you will earn gold even if you close the game, so i encourage you to check the game out every now and then to see your progress.

Perfect to play while you test other CGAJAM games ;)


-.To start playing, press SPACE or the play button in the WAVE panel. You can PAUSE the spawning by clicking the PAUSE button or by pressing SPACE again.

-.You have to kill 10 Monsters from a WAVE to unlock the next WAVE.

-.Kill monster by clicking on them. Once you earn enough gold, select a TOWER in the TOWERS panel and then buy towers by clicking on any place of the WALLS in the game area.

-.In the TOWERS UPGRADES panel you can buy upgrades for your towers and UNLOCK NEW ONES.

-.LEVEL 0 TOWERS ARE LOCKED, to unlock them just increase their level to at least 1.

-.Monsters that reach the other side of the maze will hurt your total gold.


-.You can use the MOUSE WHEEL to go UP and DOWN waves.

-.You can sell TOWERS by RIGHT CLICKING on them, you earn 50% of what you originally spent on them.

-.See how far you can go... Perfect to play while you play other CGAJAM games ;)

Published Jun 14, 2017
Made withConstruct 2
Tagscga, cgajam, clicker, idle, Tower Defense


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plz add general  upgrades, faster rounds option (non-idle), and a prestige option. I like this game a lot so far and hope it can get better. 

Every hour of active play the game crashes. This game combines 2 of my favorite things but needs a little polish.


Are you planning on expanding on this? 'cause it's so cool so far!
A shame the jellyfish monster repeat endlessly. If at least the monsters cycled after that point...