The Punchgun - Butterscotch ShenaniJam Entry - Made with Construct 2

Theme was: "Charismatic Counterpunch"

I made it all by myself in 48hrs. Had 15 minutes left, i almost could not make it!

Tried to make a Metroidvania game! But could not get the teleports right sorry for that you will spawn in a pre defined place in the level.

Farm gold to obtain powerups. There are 4 Areas in the game, and 5 powerups try to find them all, go explore!

The Powerups are: Jump, Double Jump, Dash, Gun, Shield.


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Dash doesn't seem to work most of the time :-(

Yup there is a bug in the first area you can not use it there, im working on the game right now and that bug is already fixed (really silly bug it was)

Awesome game, please fix the dash bug, maybe a map screen and more enemies with more attack patterns, but this game rocks so hard!

Congrats to the developer